Stop wasting time and money on clothes you never wear.

Do you have a full wardrobe with nothing to wear? Science of Style aims to transform the way you shop and the way you dress. Save time and money whilst we remove the anxiety from your shopping experience.
Allow your natural beauty to shine through by wearing colours that compliment your skin tone, eyes, hair and contrast value.
Dress effortlessly, knowing everything in your wardrobe suits you.
Stop wasting time and money on clothes you never wear.

Take Control of Your Wardrobe Today.

Science of Style will provide you with expert styling advice, guide you on your colour and style journey and provide ongoing support.

Your wardrobe will become a well organised and coordinated  space as you join a community of like-minded women who will support you and keep you on track.


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Always Look Your Best

If you live in muted tones and black, you're missing out! The right choice of colours can be flattering and make you stand out from the crowd. Our Online Colour Analysis will accurately identify which colours suit you best, allowing you to shop with confidence.

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Accurately identify which colours suit you best
Learn whether you have a warm or cool skin tone
Learn whether your skin tone is high or low contrast
Shop with confidence, knowing you're choosing the right colours
Access filters on our website, allowing you to shop for your specific colour type, contrast and body shape.
Join an incredible community of women
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Is the Online Colour Analysis Right for me?

Do you feel like you’ve got nothing to wear?
Are you sick of only wearing black?
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed while shopping?
Do you feel like something's not right when you put together outfits?
Do you spend money on clothes you never wear?
Are you confused by mixing and matching colours?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, our Online Colour Anlaysis is the perfect fit. Stop wasting time and money and start your Colour and Style journey today.

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What Makes us Different?


Shop with confidence, knowing which colours suit you best. The Science of Style website has filters available to ensure you're always purchasing the right colours and styles for your specific colour profile and body shape.


We are nothing without our community. Our 'Science of Style Circle' Facebook group is open for any one to join. Join a community of like-minded and supportive women. Share your photos and stories with others in our incredible community.


We offer support that is second to none. Call us or chat with us online anytime to discuss sizing, colours and your specific requirements. We wouldn't be here without our community and supporting you is our absolute pleasure.

What People are Saying

Hear what women have to say about the Science of Style
community and our clothing label.
"Quality garments and terrific customer service. These ladies are true to themselves and true to their customers. You won't be disappointed. Highly recommended 💜"

- Lisa Gray
"OMG I very rarely spend money on myself but buying your Colour Analysis was so worth it. I now know exactly what suits me and how to put an outfit together perfectly. My Colour Analysis has totally changed my life. I feel so much more confident when shopping and when getting dressed. Thank you so very much"

- Michelle Gearan
"I would definitely recommend Science of Style the quality of their clothes is amazing I love the fabric and the style they try to work round everyone. The girls are just lovely and always ready to help with any problems re sizing etc I have the honour of living close and knowing them all personally and can’t thank Tracey enough for all her advice and help she gives me. Alison you had a wonderful shop with Runaway Bombshell but this is even better with Science of Style Well done ❤️😘"

- Evelyn Watt
"I recently purchased your Colour Analysis on line and thought it was absolutely amazing. I can now walk into a shop and know exactly what suits me and I love using my colour swatches to help me identify just the right colours for me.

Purchasing only the colours that blend with my pallet has meant I can mix and match all items in my wardrobe perfectly and I no longer spend money on clothing I never wear. It was money well invested which will save me a fortune in wrong clothing choices."

- Miriam Leaney

meet your

Colour Consultants

Our Online Colour Analysis includes one on one sessions with our Colour Consultants via Zoom.
Chat to our colour experts and start your colour journey today.

Alison De Boer

Colour Consultant and Science
of Style Founder

"I just wanted to help women understand why certain styles, prints and colors look good on them and why others aren't so great. The years I spent working on the retail floor was certainly the most inspiring for me!""

Moana Robinson

Award winning Colour Consultant
and personal stylist
"I worked for many years in legal offices and then family businesses then qualified as an Image Consultant with the Academy of Professional Image in 2013. I have been helping hundreds of women find their style over the past eight years"

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